What’s the difference in your rental packages?

We understand that your event is unique and a one-size-fits-all approach might not work for you.  That’s why we have 3 different options for you to choose from.

The main differences are the photo booth aesthetics, the size, online link or USB drive, and some of the props options.

All of our photo booths are very modern, sleek, and  aesthetically pleasing to the eye, please visit our gallery-products page to see images and descriptions.

When do you set up, and who takes care of the photo booth?

We don’t have any idle time fees, and we set up hours before the event.  As your guest come in, they’ll see the photo booth already set up, and we don’t disturb your event.

You get peace of mind. We take care of everything so everyone can have fun with the photo booth. There will also be an attendant taking care of the booth & your guests.

Do my guests have to pay for the pictures?

No.  All they have to do is have fun and enjoy themselves.  All of our packages include unlimited black & white or color photo prints.

What is the quality of the photos?

We use printers with thermal dye sublimation technology. Our printers produce high quality, durable, water-resistant prints that last a lifetime.  They are quick too.  A 4″X6″ photo will print in about 12 seconds.

How much space will the booth need at my event?

Our photo booths need a space of 8 ft x 4 ft for our premium and standard photo booths, and 6 ft x 3 ft for our basic photo booth.  They are spacious inside, without taking over the space at your event. 

 How many people fit in the booth?

Our premium photo booth fits up to 10 guest.  Our standard photo booth fit up to 8 guest, and our basic photo booth can fit up to 6 guest comfortably.

Is there a limit on the number of photos my guests can take?

No.  All of our packages include unlimited photo sessions.

Will you travel outside of the El Paso/ Las Cruces area?

Contact us for travel outside the El Paso/ Las Cruces area.  A travel fee will apply but we will try our best to accomodate events within 300 miles of El Paso.